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• Hardwood Mulch Corporation, Inc.

We manufacture double shredded hardwood mulch, which consists of 100% all natural bark and wood. There are no ground pallets used in this material, nor do we apply any type of treatment.

• Wholesale Mulch Sales to Virginia

Hardwood Mulch Corporation ships tractor-tailer load size orders to your location or job site within Virgina.

• Black Mulch

Our black mulch is made from double shredded mixed hardwood mulch. It's dark, rich color, makes it an attractive material in many settings.

• Chestnut Colored Mulch

Our chestnut colored mulch has a rich brown color. It is made from all natural hardwood bark and wood products..

• Walnut Colored Mulch

Our walnut colored hardwood mulch is ideal for accenting any landscaped area and aids in water retention for flowers and plants.

• Playground Surface Material

Our Certified Playground Surface Material is composed of hardwood chips. IPEMA certified for all playgrounds.

• Mulch Delivery Area

The Hardwood Mulch Corporation delivers to Virginia. Customers are also welcome to schedule their own pick-up at our location.

• Mulch Customers

Customers that have purchased our hardwood mulch and playground materials include,Campgrounds,General Contractors,Home Builders,Colleges (public and private),School Systems,Greenhouses,Nurseries,Feed and Seed Stores,Country Clubs,Golf Clubs,Yacht Clubs,Plantations,Churches,Landscapers,Museums,Horse Farms,Parks and Recreation Departments (City and County),Amusement Parks (Busch Gardens, Water Country),Day care centers

• About Us

We have been supplying playground mulch, wood mulch, bark mulch to nurseries and landscapers for over 34 years. We are located in Prince George County, VA.

• Contact Hardwood Mulch Corporation

Hardwood Mulch Corporation, Inc. 15610 James River Drive, Disputanta, VA 23842 Phone: (804) 458-7500